The COCONUT Tree – a real Goldmine

Coconut trees dot across the entire coastal regions of the tropics except where the climate is dry (mainly in desert type climatic regions)

Click on the Photo to get enlarged viewBeautiful Coconut Trees

Beautiful Coconut Trees

An average Coconut tree has a life of about 100 years. But, most trees may become less productive after 60 years.

India has a sea coast line of over 6,500 Km and Coconut trees dot almost the entire stretch (about 6,000 Km). These trees are grown in the interior regions too (the Photo illustration above is one such interior region in the southern Karnataka State). The estimated number of trees in India is 1,200 million (almost one tree per individual in India!). Were we to consider the life of an average tree at 60 yrs, we could have a total of 30,000,000 trees for use annually. These could be converted into Engineered Composites ranging from small buttons to structural engineering products and sophisticated Auto components – resulting in wood substitutes, metal substitutes that results in conservation and less environmental damages. India could, thus, manufacture not less than 30,000,000 T of Coconut tree materials based engineered composites. If all of these were to replace wood used in engineering, homes, furniture etc … no tree would have to be cut in India for all wood based engineered products!

Coconut Fiber Converted Products

Coconut Fiber Converted Products

Click on the Photo to get enlarged viewProduction sequence

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Updated on Oct 11, 2014

4 responses to “The COCONUT Tree – a real Goldmine

  1. This illustrates another vital element the current ‘globalization model’ misses. It imperils the earth by relying on a narrow list of ‘preferred’ resources and ignores the opportunities available via localization both of resources and culture. A vital globe requires diversity… Not one big global ‘company’…

  2. Yes Tom! We need to reorient the entire Socio-Techno-Commercial thought-action-plans of the world. The current ideas and practices in Democracy, Economics, Globalization … seem to take away ALL resources into centralized pockets and create centers of environmental and social destructive “arrangements”. The present day jugglery through Politically directed development schemes are bound to fail faster than ever!

  3. It is mind boggling how wasteful our culture has become through economic push and preference. Globalization, the concentration of production of energy and manufacturing in a few hands, is preventing economies of smart resource use by insisting on economy of scale. Scale is only important if you want to be the only one controlling things, the exclusive provider. A distributed economy runs much better on smart resource use…

  4. Yes Sepp Hasslberger ( … The reality is that the world is being controlled by a few people/ Groups, in the name of Democracy, Globalization, Economies of Scale, Mitigating Global warming … and so on. The net result is that the majority are merely spectators and “slaves” of these minority! This condition MUST be reversed, if not destroyed altogether!

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