Materials Efficiency = Business Efficiency

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It is estimated that on an average, every adult human being is responsible for the creation of the following systems of Organic wastes:

  • Basic Food wastes ………………………………… 1 Kg per day
  • Vegetation wastes/ wood wastes/ agrowastes … 3 Kg per day
  • Animal/ other organic wastes (non toxic) ………. 2 Kg per day

(NOTE: When we say “food wastes = 1 kg/ day per person it does not mean that the final “ready-to-eat” food is 1 Kg; but, these food stuffs start from the agricultural/ farm areas and all through up to the final “food”) Thus, each of us (even if it is an inadvertent relationship) would become automatic perpetrators of Global Warming through this waste generation! Added to this is the propensity to flaunt excess wealth and the resultant excessive (wasteful) consumption by those who wish to present themselves as “rich”. These “organic” wastes form only a relatively smaller percentage of our overall wastage-culture; the major portion of that being taken up by many metallic and other mineral systems (about which we shall not consider here)

The estimated annual Organic wastes generation all over the world is about 10, 840, 500, 000 T [hereafter, we shall state merely “wastes” to specify “organic wastes”, unless specified otherwise]. This could be converted into not less than 8, 029, 533, 139, 535 KWH (combined heat + Electricity). And, this works out to a whopping 1, 216.5 KWH per each person (young and old) living on earth (3.3333 units per day)! Not even 1% of these are tapped at the moment. Add to these the various other materials and human animal resources wasted every where. We would note that over 90% of all matter/ energy seem to get wasted, resulting in “over consumption” and further cascading effects of wastage.

We need to recognize, therefore, that our inclination to waste materials and energy must be curtailed. The best way this could be done is by RECYCLING.

The question may be asked: How could we collect and utilize these disparate and individual wastes generated by every one on earth? The answer is that doing such collection of wastes generated by every one is not as difficult or costly as going down the earth a few Kilometers, to tap oil! The need has arisen to do so; for, if this is not done soon enough, the catastrophic effects of Global Warming could soon overtake everything else to the point the world may not have enough economic resources to overcome this hovering Damocles sword!




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Updated: September 28, 2018

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