Please also visit: Real Value Additions using Agrowastes and AGROBIOGENICS

It is estimated that an average farmland in India would support a total plants/ vegetation/ shrubs/ grasses growth of not less than 50 Tons of biomass. This is without any agricultural operations being carried on! It is also noted that each ton of “green weight” biomass could be anaerobically converted into the following:

1. Methane gas …………………………….. 75 Kg

2. Carbon Di Oxide ………………………. 130 Kg

3. Biofertilizer …………………………….. 63 Kg

4. H2S + Amines ………………………….. 2 Kg

5. Insitu Water …………………………….. 730 Kg

The Photo illustration shows “Natural Sustainable growth” in various farmlands in southern India. It is possible for every farmer to take advantage of AGRO-BIOGENICS TECHNOLOGIES and each ha of any farmland could GENERATE NOT LESS THAN Rs.300,000 (US $6667 at Jan 2011 values) WORTH PRODUCTS/ VALUE ADDITIONS per annum. This is over and above whatever is being generated now using current practices

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  2. This makes such obviously good sense that it can only be because of a distortion of economic incentives that it’s not already being more widely examined!

  3. It may also be noted that the entire world’s socio-commercial and cultural directions are under the dictates of a few minority “top echelons” who have empowered themselves (through various dubious methods, including so-called Democracy) to do whatever they feel like. These (mafia) groups have legitimized all their actions and plans, and the result is seen as total plunder of the world resources, without considering the majority who are extremely hard working and “naturally” Peace-loving, and relegated to second fiddle!

  4. I agree! Sadly… as seems apparent… even democracy can be gamed unless citizens take their responsibilities seriously.

    Everyday people mean well generally… but they are too easily fooled by appeals to irrationality… and false arguments often over irrelevancies that distract while corrupt forces come to control even the very parameters of debate.

    I believe in democracy… but without ethics and/or mechanisms to raise the level of political debate and advertising… and a real demand by people to be both fairly and fully informed and then to be fairly and fully heard… without these things its a sham… just a show to hide the ugliness beneath a veil of noble ‘intentions’…

    This is another reason why local sustainability is such an important concept! To escape the dependence on remote interests far away who feel no connection to those they see only as another ‘commodity’…

    BTW, I get a fair number of hits to my blog from India! I wonder if something like my project would work there? Ultimately, of course, my dream is that it would be everywhere!

  5. Local Sustainability is the essential theme of Mahatma Gandhi, who wanted that India’s 638,000 villages form the real centers of action. It is in these villages that Culture, Social groups and human civilization (as known in India) exists. However, although we all talk and operate many show-biz seminars and lip services to the Village development theme (which Gandhi presented in the name: PANCHAYAT RAJ …), nothing concrete is being done to develop these huge human conglomerations in India (and perhaps in most “developing” nations). This unfortunate behavior seems to have crept in after the advent of the “voyagers”, perhaps during (and after) 1400 AD, when the European cultures began the initial “colonization”. Rest is history!

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